Come Try a Group class!

Awareness Through Movement® group classes are a system of guided movements that will gently reprogram your body to move with more ease and less discomfort. In each class I’ll guide you through movements that are simple, profound, deeply nourishing, and long-lasting.

“Participating in Susan’s online Awareness Through Movement classes has been revelatory. The classes have deepened my awareness of where I hold tension in my body and how to release that tension. The instruction is clear and concise, and Susan’s caring teaching style is evident even through the Zoom platform. I would highly recommend the class for anyone looking to expand their repertoire of lifelong self-care.”  ~ B

Is it right for me?

Both women and men enjoy my classes no matter their ages, fitness level, pain level, or flexibility. The movements I share are gentle and adaptable for your comfort. Since classes feel more like meditations than physical fitness, you’ll feel both relaxed in your body and mind.

“I’ve taken lots of movement classes over the years. Susan’s approach is especially empowering and gentle – I always leave class feeling more ease in both my body and mind, with stiffness melted away! ”  ~ K

When and where are classes?

Classes are taught online through Zoom. Since the classes aren’t taught as a series, you can jump in at any time to any of the classes I teach. To attend a class, you must first preregister:

Classes cost $15 per class or $40 for 4 classes. When you’re ready, you can pay here.