Heavy Head? Try This!

Seesaw Breathing:

Simply Help your Hurting Back:

Freeing Hip joints in Sitting:

Barbie Toes/Bear Paws:

Hip Joints:

Shoulder Release:

Getting Steady on Your Feet:

Optimal Driving Position:


Improve your Posture quickly:

Mobility of the Neck:

Reaching With Ease:

Songbird Anniversary 2015 / Posture:

Aligning the spine:

Finding comfort in sitting:

An example of a group class, Awareness Through Movement®:

A short example of a private Feldenkrais session:

Ruthy Alon, a longtime student of Moshe Feldenkrais demonstrates beautiful, natural movement:

A montage of Baby Liv in her first year of life, doing what babies do. See the similarities of doing Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons:

The sequel to Baby Liv as she learns to crawl: