My name is Ginny Galvin and I am a Real Estate Broker with Century 21 Bundesen in Petaluma. In March of 2018 when I was visiting a property I manage I fell and broke my right heel in 3 pieces which was misdiagnosed as a bad sprain which complicated the healing process. After recovering from my surgery I needed help in learning to walk again. A friend of mine told me about Susan and how she helped her recover from a shoulder injury. I scheduled  5 sessions with Susan and within 2 sessions I started seeing and feeling amazing results. The treatments were very relaxing and Susan after watching me walk would offer suggestions and techniques to help me walk more normally. I would highly recommend Susan as she is very knowledgeable and a gifted healer. 

Ginny Galvin

Without hesitation I can say that Susan is an amazing bodyworker. I approached her because of continuous pain in my hip joint and my neck. After each session I felt a deep sense of relaxation and awareness of my body as a whole. I felt the support of my bones. Susan gave me ideas to pay attention to during the day to increase my physical awareness. As a result, I am no longer in pain. She is very knowledgeable, gentle, kind, attuned. Her work is both subtle and deep.I highly recommend Susan to those who suffer chronic pain and to those who want to gain deeper physical awareness. 



After losing my home in the October 2017 Tubbs fire I sought out private Feldenkrais® sessions to help heal the imbedded trauma from catastrophic loss. With Susan’s expertise I began to feel better as I dropped in focusing on simple movements, releasing discomfort and pain. To this day I look forward to each restorative session to learn new ways of moving more fluidly and dancing with ease. Time with Susan is an invaluable opportunity for deep listening to my own body’s intuitive healing wisdom.

Danielle Bryant


Just when I thought I was destined to live with constant back pain forever from years of standing for my job as a pharmacist, I met Susan Hammond and she proved me wrong. After 6 sessions, Susan taught me how to make my movements more fluid thereby reducing my pain. Susan is a very encouraging and empathetic practitioner who truly cares about her clients. I’m grateful to have met and worked with her.

Ann Blancke, Pharmacist


When I started working with Susan I had excruciating back pain. From the first visit Susan was able to provide relief. We had a partnership working together to heal my back. The gentle muscle reeducation she provided together with simple but effective exercises to relieve the pain gave me so much relief that I am now walking two miles a day, dancing, and swimming again. 

Linda Lampson, CPA, retired          


I have an injured lower back from an auto accident that happened 12 years ago. At times I could not bend or walk without experiencing extreme pain. I was told by a friend who was also treated by Susan, that she could help me with my back. I had 10 sessions with Susan and I can safely say that my back is feeling 100% better. There are times still, when I over use my back, but I can recover and be pain free within minutes, using the techniques that I learned from Susan. I am 66 years old and I had accepted my injury. Susan put me back together again.

Don Davies


Thanks to Susan and her thoughtful instruction, my back pain is much less and I have tools to manage it better.  By helping me learn about my body position and body mechanics, she made it possible for me to enjoy my days with less discomfort.  In addition, I have learned stretches which help reposition my body to where I am more comfortable, whenever Life gets my back all tight again.  With these tools, my back is under control, and I have been able to add running back into my exercise routine.  Thanks, Susan!

Gary McCalla MD  


I highly recommend Susan Hammond as a skillful, compassionate and sensitive practitioner and teacher of Feldenkrais bodywork.  I’ve been participating in classes for a few months and taken a few one-on-one sessions as well.   At the beginning I had all sorts of mysterious chronic and recurring aches, pains and twinges in my upper back, neck, and shoulders, and would often wake up in the morning with my hands and arms tingling or numb.  Now I’m enjoying much greater fluidity of movement without pain or discomfort.  I really look forward to the lessons, which have a quality of deep meditation about them, and to the individual sessions when Susan’s gentle healing touch is in evidence as well.  Thank you, Susan!

Jenny Blaker, Cotati Creek Critters


I love going to your class. The gentle movements are helping me be more in tune with my body, and my back muscles are more relaxed. I’d been needing to go to the chiropractor monthly and just realized that I haven’t been for two months!

Jasmine Gold, Director, Songbird Community Healing Center


Susan Hammond is my Feldenkrais Practitioner of choice. I unequivocally endorse her work.

Richard Strozzi Heckler, Ph.D.
President of Strozzi Institute, author of 5 books; The Leadership Dojo, Holding the Center, The Anatomy of Change, In Search of the Warrior Spirit and Being Human at Work.


My 12-year old son suffered for over two years with ongoing pain from an ankle fracture. After three sessions with Susan and a little at-home practice, his pain ceased, and it hasn’t returned. We are both so grateful!

Lisa Ludwigsen, Owner of the School Garden Company


Susan, I think your work is incredible and hope that when I arrive in Oregon there will be someone as skilled, kind and mindful as you. Thank you for your good work — I wish I could take you with me.

Sheila Swan Laufer


Susan’s gentle strength and presence, combined with her open heart and ability to connect, make her an exceptional practitioner.  I’ve experienced wonderful body changes from her group classes and relief of the discomfort of a 30 year old upper back injury from a one-on-one session with Susan.

Spencer Nassar, Futurist, Technologist and Entrepreneur

Functional Integration ClassOn December 4, 2010, the Yolo County Transportation District, and its bus contractor, Veolia Transportation Services, Incorporated, engaged Susan to provide Feldenkrais® training to some 70 drivers, mechanics, utility workers, supervisors, and office workers of our two organizations. After the group sessions, Susan also made herself available for one-on-one sessions, which proved beneficial to those who chose that option.

During the course of her program, she taught employees, including me, how to apply a series of body movements in such a way as to greatly increase the flexibility and visibility of all of those involved, without inflicting pain or discomfort on any of us. This training assisted everyone in understanding and comfortably expanding their range of motion, helping them to become more aware of their surroundings. I heard positive comments from several employees, including those who found physical relief after Susan’s sessions.

Susan used extreme sensitivity in the way she continuously emphasized safety and comfort throughout the training. She created a warm, nurturing environment and displayed such a positive, responsive demeanor that all attendees participated. We hope to continue working with her in the future in our efforts to improve the well-being of our employees.

I highly recommend Susan Hammond.

Terry V. Bassett,  Executive Director, Yolo County Transportation District


Susan, wanted to take a moment to let you know how valuable your work with me has been.  When I came to you I was suffering from pain from so many places. Post surgical, herniated disc, osteoarthritis. I remember telling you that I had a terrible relationship to my body. I hated it and it hated me right back.  Through your patience, intelligence and knowledge of Feldenkrais that couldn’t be further from the truth today.  With your guidance,  I have come to understand, consciously  and unconsciously, how my body can work.  Some of my pain is completely gone.  I know this is because my body has learned to move differently, more naturally so as not to aggravate pain. I always hear you saying “be comfortable”, and I am now pretty adapt at doing that.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this journey with you and the benefits have changed my life.  I can not thank you enough for what you have done for me.

 Heidi Prottas


This Feldenkrais® class is very relaxing and theraputic for rehabilitation of injuries.  The class has been great for my shoulder which has had chronic tendonitis from overuse.  The gentle movements facilitate healing without strain.  The class also helps train the brain to control the different muscles groups, which helps with improvement in coordination.  There is also a keen body awareness that is realized from the class movements.

 Scott Spiker, Engineer


Susan gave me my first Feldenkrais® treatment in 2007.  I was recovering from a ruptured disc in my back and still had the posture of a question mark.  I refer to those early treatments as the cherry on my healing Sundae.  With Susan’s sensitive touch, she reminded my body of it’s correct posture and gently coaxed it back into shape.

I continue to see Susan on a regular basis, even when ‘nothing is wrong’.  She identifies and releases tension and stress that quietly accumulates.  I feel physically lengthened and enlivened after a session.  My awareness as to my own body’s sense of ease or dis-ease is activated and I am more conscious of my movement and posture.  

Susan is a very gifted and attentive healer.  I’m happy to recommend her without hesitation! 

Sam Baldwin, Bookkeeper

Susan is an inspirational teacher for me about how to live in my body. From the grace and presence of her own carriage to the perceptive exploration and touch of her Feldenkrais work, I am learning with her to find my way to move with greater freedom, aliveness, ease, and strength.

Mary Killian, MFT somatic psychotherapist