The Gravity of the Situation

The other day while I was in the car, John Mayer’s song Gravity came on the radio. “Gravity is working against me. It wants to bring me down.” Isn’t that the truth! Earth’s gravity affects us in so many ways. In fact, your relationship to gravity could be the cause of your backache.

The earth’s force is a serious one, and if you try to fight against it, you will lose eventually. Throughout the day, when you resist the pull of gravity, it can cause problems.

If you spend much of your time leaning forward, for example, you’re asking your muscles rather than your skeleton to support you. Whether you’re a dental hygienist leaning over a patient or a mechanic leaning over an engine, your muscles will eventually tire and become strained or injured.

The good news is that your skeleton likely developed in response to gravity. Your bones protect vital organs like the brain, heart, and lungs, and they provide a structure for muscles to attach to. But it’s important to realize that your skeleton also supports you. Learning to relax and rely on your bone structure — and not only your muscles — can help you sidestep a backache.

What can you do to work with the inevitability of gravity?

The key is trusting your skeleton to do its job so you can relax the musculature around it. Stand up straight, relax and allow your bones to support you..

When you are aligned in gravity, you’re well-supported, have a comfortable, relaxed posture, and less pain!

Enjoy John Mayer’s fabulous song, ‘Gravity’.

John Mayer – “Gravity”